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Mandrake The Magician and Me

Dedicated to helping you change. 


Thanks for your interest in hypnosis. It’s truly a powerful and yet simple way to make amazing changes in your life.



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I’m an  internationally trained certified Certified Professional Hypnotist, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Instructor, a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists,  and the author of Kill Your Massage Business. I use modern effective hypnosis and NLP techniques to assist you in making your desired changes.

Change has been an underlaying part of my life from when I was 4 months old through today. We traveled around the world, shuffling from Air Force base to Air Force base.

Traveling and living in different countries showed me that there is more than one reality. As we grow, our reality changes.

Hypnosis and NLP are phenomenal ways to make those changes much faster and easier. They cut out the time component. I’ve been studying and practicing Hypnosis and NLP for 2 decades. They are a daily part of my life, personally and professionally.

Stress management is part of each session as stress elevates cortisol levels and inflammation which exacerbates dis-ease from the cellular level to the major biological systems. It plays a role in overeating and smoking. Many issues are easier to address when stress is managed effectively. 

I use hypnosis to help people discover the how they “do” their issues. That allows me to  use hypnotic and NLP so my clients experience different ways of thinking and behaving. The change can be so deep that the previous beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors seem like a distant memory, much like the first step you took.


Take another first step. 


"Tim's ability to connect and listen to his clients is one of his superpowers. Hypnotherapy is a gift he brings to his clients, to help with any number of issues,  from smoking to speaking in large groups. I highly suggest you trust Tim's abilities. He is committed to his craft, always learning and staying relevant." ~ S. Castillo


“I was referred to Tim Barlen during one of the most  difficult periods in my life.  Have done talk therapy for years, to some success, and also lots of cash spent.  I learned more about Hypnotherapy and other treatment modalities (of which Tim is familiar with many.)   That are far more effective than "talk therapy"  especially for trauma, grief, anxiety, etc.  My friends even notice the change in my energy after a session with Tim.  Also, he makes you comfortable to bring up all your "mess" and no judgement ever.  I lived in Seattle/Bellevue for years and did not find anyone with his level of therapy and compassion. Very grateful!!!.”  ~ S. Smith


Think of me as your “Mind Guide.” I lead you but you decide what journey you want to take.


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