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Spiders, Public Speaking, Thunderstorms and Zip Lines

Things you don’t really need to be afraid of.

Erasing fears or phobias doesn’t take a long time. It took just a moment or two to learn to be afraid. It can take a moment or two to regain your courage and confidence. Use the same part of your mind that helped you learn the fear to erase it.


Some fear is a good thing. It keeps us from doing unwise things. It’s an integral part of survival. Some fears are wisdom projected into the body.  Being afraid of walking on a tight wire  between tall buildings without training is a good thing to have.  Fear of bringing a knife to a gun fight is good also. As is fear of petting a snarling foaming at the mouth dog.

Some fear is a roadblock to accomplishing what we wish or just keeps us back from enjoying all of life.  Being afraid of asking for a raise or a promotion can stall out a career. Fear of public speaking is can keep you from accomplishing goals.  Fear of disapproval can stifle not only verbal expression but also creative expression.

There are two Built IN fears, ones we come into life with.  The fear of loud sudden noises and the fear of falling. The rest are learned.

Take a step and relearn what has been holding you back. Click the button below to find out how.


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How my methods are different

  • We’ll focus on HOW you experience the fear  not the past and the causes.
  • We’ll focus on how you Want To Feel not what you don’t want to feel.
  • We’ll clear your neurology to allow the wanted feelings to take root.
  • We’ll anchor resourceful mental and emotional states.


"Finally, after several postponements, my deposition happened this morning.  I killed it.  I controlled the tempo, and though they tried to scare me with a 7-hour time estimate, it only went 2.5.  Yay!"         
 ~ H. Hazlett


"He who has overcome his fears will truly be free."
 ~ Aristotle

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