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5 Questions You Need To Ask: Important Hypnosis Information


The Most Important Things You Need

An essential part of hypnosis is your ability to relax and follow simple directions. Another is a sense of connection, rapport, you have with the hypnotist you choose. You need to feel comfortable. Without it, since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis,  you may not allow yourself to go into hypnosis.

So have a discussion with them before you schedule. Get answers to all your questions. 


Five Questions To Ask Before You Schedule An Appointment

How do I choose a good hypnotist to work with?

Why should I work with you?

How do you do your work?

Do you work with everyone that calls?

Do you guarantee that I'll change? 



"Tim's ability to connect and listen to his clients is one of his superpowers. Hypnotherapy is a gift he brings to his clients, to help with any number of issues,  from smoking to speaking in large groups. I highly suggest you trust Tim's abilities. He is committed to his craft, always learning and staying relevant." ~ S. Castillo


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