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Continuing to Learn

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Lately, my education has come from the Great White North, mainly Toronto with Mike Mandel. Mike and Chris lead brilliant hypnosis workshops. They have a knack for revealing the simplicity of all aspects of hypnosis. I attended their Architecture of Hypnosis last November. I highly recommend it for those new to hypnosis as well as those of us who can't get enough education.  Check them out here.

While I was there, they confirmed that Anthony and Freddy Jacquin were going to Toronto to teach Modern Hypnotherapy. I wasn't able to attend but happily purchased the videos of this way cool course. I will have it completed sometime today or tomorrow. You can purchase it from Mike's site. The Jacquin's also have the knack for simplifying what seems to be complex. I'm planning on a trip to England next year to study with them.

You have the opportunity to study with  them at HypnoThoughts Live in August in Las Vegas. HTL is the largest hypnosis conference in the world. Go to this if you'd like to experience and learn the gamut of hypnosis. And have a heck of a lot of fun as

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