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You May Be Surprised.

Hypnosis May Be More Familiar Than You Think.


Due to Hollywood and the entertainment industry, people often get an incorrect idea about what Hypnosis is. You may be surprised to know what it is and that you experience it frequently.

Check out the list of Surprises About Hypnosis and notice how often you may experience it.

Surprise #1

Your mind will be awake and alert and you’ll remember about the same amount you do in a normal conversation.

Surprise #2

You will gain MORE CONTROL over your mind, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, habits,     and attitudes and related emotions.

Surprise #3

You will be AWAKE. It may appear as though you are sleeping but see Surprise #1.

Surprise #4

You WILL EMERGE from hypnosis. You may enjoy the comfortable feeling so much that you might not want to emerge but no-one has ever been stuck.

Surprise #5

You will be POSITIVELY INFLUENCED  by me but not controlled. All your private information and dark secrets will remain private and secret.

Surprise #6

Unless you ask, you won’t quack like a duck or dance with a broom. Even though comedy stage shows are a fun way to demonstrate hypnosis, that isn’t what happens in a one on one session. One on one session can be a lot of fun though. Change need not be too serious or grim.

Surprise #7

Everyone, even intelligent, strong minded people can be hypnotized. Unless they don’t want to be and won’t follow simple instructions.

Surprise #8

Well, this may not be a surprise. You will feel wonderfully relaxed. There is NO ONE WAY to feel. It’s subjective and may change within a session and be different in your next session.

Surprise #9

You AREN’T MADE to be hypnotized. It’s a collaborative experience. I guide you and you go down the path.

Surprise #10

You won’t be a MINDLESS ZOMBIE, no matter how appealing that may be after a tough day at work. Again, see Surprise #1 and Surprise #2.  

Often people slip into trance reading a good book, or while engrossed in an exciting movie, or fascinated by a  great conversation, or while driving.

Hypnosis is a common experience and not really a surprise after you get hypnotized. Click the button below to set up an appointment to tap into your subconscious mind and change your life.


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